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Ford Fusion

Mid-Size Car

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  • Gas (EcoBoost)
  • 23 City / 34 Hwy
  • Seats 5
  • 4 Doors
  • 2 Suitcases + 1 Bag

Whether you’re planning a vacation or have an unexpected need, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental has a fleet of cars ready for service. Take advantage of our easy, straight-forward rental process by requesting a reservation now or by speaking directly to one of our experienced rental specialists. Call (281) 337-8395 for more information. We serve many areas surrounding Southeast Houston, including Clear Lake and Galveston County areas.

Why Choose Us?

Core Values Drive All We Do

Our core values are the foundation of how we run our business. In every interaction with the public or our customers, we strive to emulate these values:


Honesty means being straightforward and telling the truth – in all transactions, all the time.


Integrity means that we do what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular, or convenient – and we do so without excuse and regardless of cost.


Teamwork means that the good of the team comes before the good or agenda of any individual team member.


Trust means that an individual has confidence in the team’s commitment towards shared values – that the right thing to do will be done.


Love is a natural commitment toward placing the needs of others ahead of our own. Love is not fair-weather relationships; it is about weathering the storms together.

Expert Team. Fair Prices. Easy Process.

Need a Larger Rental Vehicle?

If you would prefer to rent a vehicle with a more spacious interior, consider an SUV, pickup truck, or van. With just the right combination of features including fuel efficiency, strong acceleration, elevated driver seat, quiet cabin, responsive handling, and more, you’ll be ready for whatever activities the day brings.

Car rentals are a convenient option in many circumstances


Insurance replacements

Loaners for McRee Ford Dealership

Saving the wear and tear — and mileage on your own vehicle

Try before you buy. Rent a newer model Ford that you’re considering purchasing and test drive it for the weekend

Whether for work or pleasure, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental has the car rental that will suit your needs and save you the hassle (and mileage) of using your personal vehicle. Call (281) 337-8395 or request a reservation now. We serve Houston, Galveston, League City, Kemah, Seabrook, NASA, and the surrounding areas of the Southeast.

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