Van Rentals

Ford Transit (8)

8-Passenger Van

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  • Gas
  • Seats 8
  • 3 Doors
  • 4 Suitcases + 2 Bags

Ford Transit (12)

12-Passenger Van

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  • Gas
  • Seats 12
  • 3 Doors
  • 4 Suitcases + 2 Bags

Ford Transit (15)

15-Passenger Van

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  • Gas
  • Seats 15
  • 3 Doors
  • 4 Suitcases + 2 Bags

Ford Transit (2)

Cargo Van

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  • Gas
  • Seats 2
  • 3 Doors

When traveling with a large group, a Ford passenger van from Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental will transport you in comfort and style. Easily reserve a van with our straight-forward, hassle-free rental process by requesting a reservation now or call (281) 337-8395 and speak directly to one of our experienced rental specialists. We serve many areas surrounding Southeast Houston, including Clear Lake and Galveston County areas.

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Core Values Drive All We Do

Our core values are the foundation of how we run our business. In every interaction with the public or our customers, we strive to emulate these values:


Honesty means being straightforward and telling the truth – in all transactions, all the time.


Integrity means that we do what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular, or convenient – and we do so without excuse and regardless of cost.


Teamwork means that the good of the team comes before the good or agenda of any individual team member.


Trust means that an individual has confidence in the team’s commitment towards shared values – that the right thing to do will be done.


Love is a natural commitment toward placing the needs of others ahead of our own. Love is not fair-weather relationships; it is about weathering the storms together.

Expert Team. Fair Prices. Easy Process.

Ford’s Award-Winning Passenger Vans

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, our always popular, award-winning Transit vans have amenities like a quiet cabin, multifunction touch screens, running boards, tinted windows, and power-sliding door (on the 2020 models) that make for an enjoyable trip. Across the spectrum of vehicles, you can count on Ford for quality, dependability, and performance. Our van lineup includes the following options:

Transit 8-passenger

Transit 12-passenger

Transit 15-passenger

Both our 8- and 12-passenger van rentals include ample room for both people and luggage. Our 15-passenger vans have utilized the cargo area to make space for additional seating.

Cargo Van Rentals

Cargo vans are a versatile vehicle for small businesses or entrepreneurs. Prepare for upcoming special events, or use them for large deliveries.

Configurable space provides plenty of cargo-carrying capability

Strong and efficient engines

Pleasant road handling

Sync 3 infotainment system is easy to use

Other Vehicle Rental Options

If a van doesn’t meet your needs, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental offers several other vehicle options, including cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and even commercial vehicles.

View Rental Fleet

At Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental, we’re focused on excellent employees driving excellent consumer experiences. Find out for yourself by requesting a reservation now or by calling (281) 337-8395. We serve Houston, Galveston, League City, Kemah, Seabrook, NASA, and the surrounding areas of the Southeast.

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