Commercial Pickup Truck Rentals

FORD F-150 Reg Cab

1/2 Ton Pickup Truck

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  • Gas
  • 19 City / 25 Hwy
  • Seats 3
  • 8' Bed

FORD F-150 Crew Cab

1/2 Ton Pickup Truck

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  • Gas
  • 19 City / 25 Hwy
  • Seats 6
  • 6' Bed

FORD F-250 Crew Cab

3/4 Ton Pickup Truck

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  • Gas or Diesel
  • 4X4 Available
  • Seats 6
  • 8' Bed

Pickup trucks come standard with several features including backup alarms and easy-care vinyl interiors. We can even uplift or accessorize upon request, so be sure to let your coordinator know what you need.

When you need a pickup truck strong enough to respond to the demands of your workday, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental has it covered. We offer Ford’s bestselling F-150 and F-250 with powerful towing capabilities, an 8-foot bed, and more. Our full-service coordinators assess your needs and guide you from quote to order in minutes. Contact us at (281) 337-8393 for more information or request a reservation now. We serve clients in Southeast Texas, Louisiana, and throughout the Southeast U.S.

Direct B2B & Third-Party Rentals

We provide commercial fleet vehicle rentals to the following industrial markets and frequently work with facilities and contractors at the national, regional, and local levels.

Oil & Gas

Wind Energy

Chemical Processing











Commercial Pickup Truck Rentals in Houston

Branding Made Easy

Every commercial vehicle is white, marked by its unit number in red decals for easy identification.

Add your own magnets or decals (with approval) to keep your fleet branded consistently.

Easily recognizable from the job trailer or across the jobsite.

Houston TX Commercial Pickup Truck Rental Commercial Pickup Truck Rentals Houston Houston TX Commercial Pickup Truck for Rent
Business Pickup Truck Rental Houston

Expert Team. Fair Prices. Easy Process.

The Right Fleet

Our commercial fleet is made up exclusively of the award-winning Ford lineup of vehicles, recognized by J.D. Power for their quality, dependability, and performance. The F-150 is built with both work and comfort in mind.

In addition to industrial pickup truck rentals, we also have flatbed trucks and vans that you’ll find to be essential for a variety of business needs.

Core Values Drive All We Do

Our core values are the foundation of how we run our business. In every interaction with the public or our customers, we strive to emulate these values:


Honesty means being straightforward and telling the truth – in all transactions, all the time.


Integrity means that we do what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular, or convenient – and we do so without excuse and regardless of cost.


Teamwork means that the good of the team comes before the good or agenda of any individual team member.


Trust means that an individual has confidence in the team’s commitment towards shared values – that the right thing to do will be done.


Love is a natural commitment toward placing the needs of others ahead of our own. Love is not fair-weather relationships; it is about weathering the storms together.

Reserve Your Pickup Truck Rental Today

Call (281) 337-8393 or request a reservation now. We serve Houston and Southeast Texas including the Ship Channel, Corpus Christi, Beaumont (and Golden Triangle, plus New Orleans, Geismar, and Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

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