3 Times You’re Going to Wish You Had a Pickup

When it comes to moving, some people just rely on their cars or SUVs to take care of the job. However, there are certain situations where you’ll likely find yourself wishing you had a truck. Not convinced? Here are three times you’re going to wish you had a pickup from Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental.

3 Times You're Going to Wish You Had a Pickup

1. Moving Large Items

Whether you’re moving outside the city or just down the street, you’re bound to have some large items that need to come with you. These could be anything from furniture pieces like a couch or dining table to large appliances like a fridge or washing machine. Trying to squeeze these items into the back of a car or SUV can be a real headache, especially if you have to make multiple trips. With a pickup truck, you have all the space you need to transport these large items safely and easily without having to worry about damaging your vehicle.

2. Hauling Debris

If you’re doing a major move, you might find yourself generating a lot of debris and trash along the way. This could be anything from old appliances and furniture to construction debris like lumber and drywall. Not only is it a pain to try and fit all of this debris into your car, but it can also be dangerous. With a pickup truck, you have the option to rent a dumpster or flatbed trailer to help you haul away all of your debris quickly and safely.

3. Moving the Outdoor Stuff

Let’s not forget about your outdoor items! Trying to stuff your patio furniture or grill into your SUV or van just won’t work. Neither will trying to transport your outdoor toys, like kayaks and ATVs. That’s why you need a pickup truck. With an open bed and more room, you can easily fit all of your outdoor stuff and take it with you wherever you’re going.

We Have the Pickup You Need

No matter what kind of move you’re planning in Houston, TX, there are bound to be times when you wish you had a pickup truck on hand. Thankfully, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental has just the right truck for the job. We have your standard pickups as well as flatbeds for commercial use. We also have large-capacity cargo vans should you need something enclosed. So, reserve yours today online or call us at (281) 337-8393.