5 Tips for Driving a Flatbed Truck Safely

If you are in the market for a flatbed truck rental, it is important to know how to drive one safely. These trucks can be dangerous if not driven correctly. Flatbeds usually carry a ton of weight and materials, and they’re exposed, adding to the precautions you need to take. So, here are five tips from Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental on driving a flatbed truck safely.

5 Tips for Driving a Flatbed Truck Safely

1. Understand the Weight & Dimensions

Understanding the weight and dimensions of the flatbed truck you’re driving is essential for safe operation. Flatbeds usually carry an enormous amount of weight and materials, which increases the chances of a potential accident if not driven correctly. So, be sure to check routinely that any heavier items loaded onto the flatbed truck are evenly distributed and not overloaded.

2. Drive Slowly Around Curves & Turns

Driving slowly around curves and turns is essential when operating a flatbed truck, especially when hauling. This can help prevent any heavy items from shifting and potentially falling off the flatbed while also preventing it from tipping over or rolling. Driving at an appropriate speed with the right technique can make all the difference in driving safely.

3. Use a Spotter

Using a spotter when driving a flatbed truck is always a good idea. A spotter is someone who can help you navigate tight spaces, such as driveways or alleyways, that are too narrow for the truck to fit comfortably. They also help keep an eye on any cargo that might be shifting or sliding off the back. Furthermore, a spotter can help you back up the truck to the job site for easy unloading.

4. Beware of Low Bridges

Even with an exposed bed, you’ll want to pay attention to low bridges. Flatbed trucks are usually tall and wide, making them difficult to navigate under lower areas of the road. Before renting a flatbed, keep in mind the height of the truck so that you can plan ahead and avoid any obstacles or low bridges on your route.

5. Tie Down Your Load

Tying down your load is one of the most important and often overlooked steps when driving a flatbed truck. When hauling material, it’s essential to keep in mind that all items must be securely tied down with high-quality ratchet straps or chains. This prevents any shifting of the cargo while on the road, reducing the chances of an accident.

Drive Your Rental With Confidence

Here at Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental, we want you to feel confident behind the wheel of our flatbeds, pickups, and passenger vans. That’s why we put together articles like this to make sure you’re prepared. If you’re a contractor or commercial business operating in the Corpus Christi, TX, area, then give us a call at (281) 337-8393 or make your reservations online.