4 Things to Know Before Driving a Pickup Truck on the Beach

Not too far from Dickinson, TX, are some of the country’s most enjoyable and driveable beaches. Located on Galveston Island, many of these beaches offer hard-packed sand, perfect for getting off-road and closer to the water. However, there are four things you should know before driving on the beach in your pickup rental from Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental.

3 Things to Know Before Driving on the Beach

1. Permit Requirements

If you’re planning to drive on the beaches in Galveston, you must have a parking pass permit. The permit acts as a pass that gives you access to designated areas, ensuring safe driving zones for vehicles and a less disruptive experience for those who love to enjoy the beach on foot. You can purchase the permit online, but ensure you obtain it in advance since there may be time restrictions.

2. Tide Level

Make sure to check the tide level before heading to the beach, as it can dramatically impact your trip and your vehicle’s safety. You should aim to go during low tide because the hard-packed beach sand is exposed during low tide, providing a stable surface for your vehicle to drive on. When driving on a beach during high tide, you risk slipping and getting stuck, which can be an unpleasant and dangerous experience. 

3. Safety Precautions

Taking the necessary safety precautions is crucial to have a smooth and accident-free driving experience. Maintain speed limits and follow the speed limit signs posted on the beach. Avoid sudden turns or accelerations, making the vehicle harder to control. It’s also essential to remember that you share the beach with pedestrians. So, drive slowly and give them a wide berth. And lastly, do not drive under the influence of any substances that can impair your driving and decision-making capacities.

4. Vehicle Parameters

Not all trucks or vehicles perform well on sand. Bigger trucks with higher suspensions work the best; smaller trucks with low clearance do not provide the required traction on the beach. Similarly, sports cars and sedans should be avoided as they are not designed to handle sandy surfaces. So, before driving on the beach, ensure your rental can handle it.

Enjoy the Island Life in Texas

Driving on the beach is a fun adventure; however, it can become risky if you do not take the necessary precautions. Still, if you follow the advice of Bay Area Auto & Truck Rentals, you’ll be just fine. Looking for the perfect rental vehicle for your beach vacation? Request a reservation for a pickup or SUV from our Dickinson, TX, office. Or do it over the phone when you call (281) 337-8395.