Save Your Construction Business Money with Truck Rentals

Whether you have a new or established construction business, operating a truck fleet is one of the highest overhead costs. However, you can mitigate these costs when you turn to the flatbed truck fleet from Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental. Choosing to rent your trucks when you need them not only saves your business money but also guarantees your crew has a truck when they need it.

Save Your Construction Business Money with Truck Rentals

Cost Savings

In addition to avoiding the purchasing costs of a new truck for your business, choosing to rent them can save you hundreds or even thousands every month. Additionally, you may not be able to secure financing for the number of trucks you need, should you try and purchase yourself. So, renting these trucks for each job can save you thousands in down payments and even loan interest.

Maintenance & Repairs

Another thing to consider when weighing the pros and cons of owning versus renting your fleet is maintenance. When you own your trucks, you’re responsible for their regular maintenance, tires, and repairs. Over time, and depending on how much they’re driven, these trucks may require some critical repairs. You even run the risk of paying for vehicles that are in accidents. But by renting, you pass that responsibility off to the rental company.


Another significant expense people don’t consider is the insurance for business vehicles. Typically, insurance premiums for business trucks are much higher than your residential car insurance. This is because your drivers and crew have a higher liability when transporting goods or materials. Furthermore, it can be costly to insure multiple drivers and multiple vehicles, making it a costly expense for your construction business.

Rent Your Vehicles From Us

When your construction business needs fleet services, turn to the lot at Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental. We have a wide variety of flatbed trucks, pickup trucks, and passenger vans – everything you need to get the job done! We proudly work with businesses like yours across Houston and Galveston, TX. So, request your reservations online or call us at (281) 337-8393.