The 5 Best Houston Haunts to Visit during October

October is here, and Halloween is right around the corner! Fortunately, Houston offers a treasure trove of spooky places to experience during your stay. Check them out if you dare, and let Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental know what you think! If you love the fall and everything Halloween has to offer, enjoy this list of the five best Houston haunts.

The 5 Best Houston Haunts To Visit During October

1. The Texas Killing Fields

This swampy stretch that runs along I45 got its name from the numerous girls and women found murdered in the area over the years. Since the 1970s, many of the cases of the deceased women found along the route continue to go unsolved. Use your rental car to cruise the area and learn the history. 

2. 2309 Wichita Street

The fact that this house looks spooky indeed feeds into its appeal. VA Nurse, Charles Fondow, lived there for years, working tirelessly on updates. Unfortunately, he never completed them. Passersby say they see someone standing in the window or wandering the grounds. Neighbors say they hear noises and banging. 

3. Spaghetti Warehouse

Those who watched The Haunting of Hill House’s Bent-Neck Lady episode connect it to the Spaghetti Warehouse. What looks to be a historic family restaurant on the outside is home to at least two apparitions. Sadly, both spirits fell to their death: one down the stairs and another down a broken elevator shaft. The woman who fell down the stairs broke her neck and is seen with a bent neck. 

4. Martha Chapel Cemetery

The Martha Chapel Cemetery earns its spot as one of the best Houston haunts. In fact, it’s probably one of the scariest places in the U.S. Stories abound of possessions in the cemetery and on the road leading to it. The place is so infamous that the road leading to Martha Chapel is dubbed ‘Demon’s Road.’

Rent a large van, SUV, or truck for this trip and go with a group. Locals don’t encourage visiting the cemetery at night. They warn that spirits like to attach themselves to visitors and follow them home. On the more benign side, you may see a hand pop out of a grave, screaming, giggles, and a host of other supernatural sightings. Bring your EVP meter.

5. Julia Ideson Building

If you enjoy reading and haunted places, then you’ll love the Julia Ideson Library in downtown Houston. The public library is haunted by Jacob Frank Cramer, who was the building watchman for years. Cramer lived in a small room in the basement and walked the halls with his dog, Petey, at night. For fun, Cramer played the violin on the top floor. Library employees and visitors say they hear the sound of violin music and footsteps as he continues to pace the halls. 

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