Top 6 Reasons to Rent a Pickup Truck

You may be familiar with adding a rental car to your travel itinerary for a vacation. However, you may be less familiar with renting a pickup truck. The truth is that renting a pickup truck serves numerous purposes, from business to pleasure. For this reason, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental proudly presents this list of the top six reasons to rent a pickup truck. 

Top 6 Reasons To Rent a Pickup Truck

1. Hauling 

Some people buy trucks for one-off events that require hauling loads. Instead of asking someone to borrow a truck or trailer, some prefer to have a truck on hand, even if it isn’t their daily driver. After all, no one wants to ask to borrow a vehicle to haul construction equipment, mulch, or dirt. Instead of investing in a truck for these activities, rent a pickup truck.  

2. Moving 

As the real estate market continues to experience explosive growth across the country, people move to new locations, searching for change. When you rent a pickup truck, you can transport smaller items in addition to what you move in a larger moving truck. If you downsize, don’t have tons of items, and aren’t moving too far, it may make more sense to do a couple of small pickup loads instead of a moving truck. 

3. Empty Nesting

Do you have a college-bound son or daughter? If so, they’ll need to decorate their dorm room and get settled in. Mini-refrigerators, shelving and storage, desks, and small appliances take up a lot of space. Why load up multiple vehicles or make numerous trips when you can use a pickup truck? 

4. DIYing

DIYing continues to garner support, especially in the home improvement space. Whether you plant flowers or plants, purchase items to build furniture or a deck, or complete a renovation, you’ll need materials. Cars don’t accommodate these types of items well. Once again, a pickup truck delivers the best option for the most time and cost savings. 

5. Sporting

Houston and much of the Gulf area offer ample opportunity for sporting events and activities. Some sporting activities require large-sized equipment, such as skiing, kayaking, and canoeing. If you enjoy these activities, but don’t have a vehicle to transport sporting equipment, renting a pickup truck makes sense. Truck beds provide plenty of room to load up on equipment and also include extras like coolers and snacks. You can also throw wet or dirty used equipment in the back without soiling the interior. 

6. Relocating

There are many small business owners in the U.S. Sometimes, owners move locations and require help relocating office supplies and equipment. Whether you’re scaling up, scaling down, or simply changing geographic location, rent a pickup truck to get the job done. You may be surprised how much you can fit, and you may be able to get your move accomplished in one load.

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