Why Businesses Opt for Commercial Truck Rentals Instead of Buying

The demand for commercial truck rentals increased over the past five years. Moreover, demand is expected to continue to rise over the next five years. This is because commercial businesses weigh the cost-benefit and determine it makes more sense to rent for many reasons. In this post, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental reviews what those reasons are, so you can decide whether renting a fleet vehicle makes sense for you.

Why Businesses Opt for Commercial Truck Rentals Instead of Buying

Rising Gas Prices 

Since 2016, both retail and commercial truck rentals saw increased activity. Many businesses used rentals to move supplies between warehouses, construction sites, and business sites on the commercial side. For example, industries such as oil & gas, infrastructure, environmental, construction, government, and engineering, all leverage rentals for commercial business use.  In the future, we expect this trend to continue. Part of the reason is due to uncertainty about gas prices, but there are more.

Lower Costs 

Commercial truck rentals don’t require the renter to pay for maintenance, license plates, and repairs like they would if they owned them. The more vehicles companies rent, the more money they save on this expense.

Internal Capacity

Commercial businesses run into scarcity issues all the time. Companies that steward their finances and utilize their resources well will sometimes run out of trucks. Owners may find that the cost of new vehicles doesn’t outweigh the additional revenue during these periods. At the same time, no one wants to turn down work when they have the human capital to perform it. For this reason, renting a truck makes perfect sense.

Limited Capital

Startup businesses often lack the capital required to make large investments into commercial fleet vehicles. Even well-established businesses run low on capital when faced with seasonal peaks and valleys, pandemics, and other occurrences. Commercial truck rentals allow business owners to operate efficiently and effectively without the burden of the costs associated with fleet purchases.

Lots of Mileage

Some companies put inordinate amounts of mileage and wear and tear on their commercial trucks. Maintaining numerous vehicles while they depreciate doesn’t always make financial sense. With rentals and leases, you can use equipment as long as you need them, and then return them when you don’t.

Project-Based, Intermittent Work

Businesses that are project-based often find that the scale of their projects varies widely. If large-scale projects don’t comprise the bulk of their business, owners find that renting vehicles makes more fiduciary sense. Purchasing vehicles may make more sense when larger projects become more consistent.


Fleet service professionals can now work with you to include your branding on truck rentals. As a result, your customers see your brand, prospects see you in the area, and neither have any idea that your company rents its vehicles.

Commercial Truck Rentals Make Sense  

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