Why Your New Year’s Resolution Includes More Travel

As we plow into the new year, you probably find yourself in one of three groups. You’re either going strong with your new year’s resolutions, you’ve already thrown in the towel, or you didn’t make resolutions at all. For those of you who made a new year’s resolution, the odds are decent that it includes more travel. If so, you’re in good company. In this post, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental explains why.

Why Your New Year's Resolution Includes More Travel

Popular Resolutions

Some people make a new year’s resolution to get a pet, learn how to play an instrument, or take up a new hobby. After all, resolutions can be as varied as the individuals who make them. That being said, many people identify resolutions that are ubiquitous to the traditions. Popular resolutions include:

  • getting healthy (stop smoking, quit drinking, exercise more, etc.).
  • practicing better money management.
  • becoming more organized and less cluttered. 
  • spending more time with friends and family.
  • being intentional, finding a purpose, living a meaningful life.
  • traveling more.
Each of these resolutions is a worthwhile endeavor, and it’s easy to see why each of them makes the most popular list. Interestingly, the pandemic affirms each of these resolutions. Moreover, it makes some of them easier to achieve, such as more travel.

A Changing Workforce

At one point, nearly everyone in the entire world stayed at home. Even now, many companies allow remote or hybrid work options. The change allows workers more flexibility in many areas of life, including their daily schedule and where they choose to live. In many ways, it’s easier than ever to move to a different state or travel more without worrying about the job situation. Therefore, now is a great time to check the “travel” item off your bucket list. 

Travel More, Starting with the Great State of Texas

International travel includes more red tape, but now’s a great time to up your domestic travel game. If your new year’s resolution is to travel more, why not see it through? Here are some options:

Experience Spring Break.

Believe it or not, you should plan your spring break trip now. If you’re traveling to Houston, Galveston, or along the Texas coast, expect it to be busy. Book your hotel room or rental property, and reserve the rental car to save your spot.

Go nomadic. Fortunately, you’re not limited to spring break travel or just a week’s vacation. Homeschooling and remote work allow you to live life on the road as long as it suits you. So, book a rental van and use it to hit the open road with the family. 

Take a break.
Remote work is excellent, but it’s still work. When you need a break, consider spending time in nature. Rent an SUV and go camping and hiking. Or consider an RV for extended periods on the road. 

Are You Ready To Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution?

Time doesn’t slow down for anyone. What are you waiting for? This year, confidently achieve your goal to travel more and be sure to include Texas in those travel plans. We serve Houston and the surrounding areas, and we also have a substantial commercial rental fleet inventory. Call (281) 337-8395 to learn more.