Why the Houston Ship Channel Matters

The Houston Ship Channel makes up an integral part of Texas, the U.S., and even global trade and economics. If you’re traveling to the Houston area, it may very well be for business. Whether business or personal travel, it’s helpful to understand the region and its importance. For this reason, Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental covers the ship channel’s background and current role.

Why the Houston Ship Channel Matters

An Essential Element

The Houston Ship Channel sees tons of activity. Every day, dozens of ships and hundreds of barges make their way through and across the area. Moreover, the number increases every year, and these movements are responsible for a vast amount of commerce, jobs, and economic impact. Further, this is truly not only of Port Houston but also the entire U.S. In fact, the Houston Ship Channel supports 3.2 million jobs and brings more than $800 billion to the U.S. economy every year. 

Texas is known for its oil, and the Port of Houston and Houston Ship Channel help to facilitate its production and movement. In fact, the channel hosts a multi-billion-dollar petrochemical complex, which is the nation’s largest and the world’s second-largest. According to www.porthouston.com, the port links Houston to international markets, generates almost 28 percent of the state’s economic value, and is responsible for nearly six billion in state revenue from the businesses that operate there. Those traveling to Houston and renting pickup trucks or flatbed trucks for business are likely to do so for a corresponding business. 

Investment and Expansion

Recently, the U.S. Congress passed legislation that provides $19.5 million in funding to expand the Port of Houston. The expansion widens and deepens the channel, which allows more and wider vessels to travel. The first phase, which is supposed to extend from Galveston to Morgan’s Point, should complete within three years. Consequently, expansion is the result of the 2016 Panama Canal expansion and its resulting increased industry demand. 

Supply Chains and Holidays

As many people know, the U.S. experienced supply chain issues in 2021. While cargo ships and containers sat outside the L.A. Port in California, the Houston Ship Channel did what it could. Still, increased demand burdens the supply chain and the cargo ships and industries that seek to meet them. Therefore, experts predict supply chain issues will continue into 2022. Nevertheless, Port Houston does an amazing job partnering with industry partners, truckers, laborers, and others to meet the need and keep the economy humming.

Reserve Your Vehicle

Bay Area Auto & Truck Rental is conveniently located for those seeking commercial truck rentals for one of the many industries that support the Houston Ship Channel. Likewise, we offer retail rental cars equally to the general public. No matter your reason for travel, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the area. When you’re ready to rent a vehicle from our extensive fleet, call (281) 337-8395 for retail or (281) 337-8393 for commercial rentals. 

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